Types of Property in Malta


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House of Character

A House of Character is a house that is adorned with traditional architecture and original features such as old stone, arches, troughs, courtyards and patterned tiles. These give it that elusive quality that makes it a special house.


Maltese and Gozitan Farmhouses are well sought-after properties in Malta and Gozo. The English definition of a farmhouse is “a house of a farmer” or “a property that lies on the land of an agricultural farm”.


Depending on where you may be interested buying an apartment, good investments may be found whether this is for pure investment purposes, rental investment or as a family home.


A maisonette may be defined as a property that forms part of a larger building. Few people tend to confuse maisonettes with apartments – as these too are grouped together into one large building.


A Penthouse may be defined as an apartment on the highest floor of a block of apartments. They differ from your usual apartment as, more often than not, they are luxuriously finished and furnished.


In Malta, the majority of the Townhouses belong to pre-war or post-war area and were characteristic in certain localities such as Sliema. The Sliema promenade was especially famous for its Townhouses.

Terraced House

A terraced house is a home with multiple levels - generally two - which is found between two other buildings, hence not detached. More than often, they have a front porch area as well as a garden or courtyard.


The Palazzos of Malta are historic, large and impressive homes originally built for the wealthy and the powerful, but today are graceful reminder of the old and rare properties from the past.