Hal-Saghtrija, Apartment Development

Imagine re-locating to Gozo, opting to live on this very tiny island in modern premises enjoying total luxury and yet immersed in an ambience that returns back to Gozo’s traditional rural roots. That is just the kind of experience to be had at one of Gozo’s most amazing new building developments – Hal Saghtrija.

Living the Gozitan Life

General Information

Comprising a selection of 75 luxury apartments perched on one of the highest plateaux in the north of Gozo and atop the village of Zebbug, the development project is situated on an expanse of land stretching over a total of 15 tumoli (3.61 acres). A good 13 tumoli (3.05 acres) of this land are uniquely dedicated to ravishing landscaped gardens and cultivated fields, thus maintaining a feeling of open country around the buildings themselves. These open spaces will be privately dedicated to the apartments which all enjoy expansive views of the Zebbug hillside, the surrounding farmlands, and the sea views on the horizon.

Amenities of the Development

The residential properties include duplex penthouses and apartments, each of which comes complete with interior and exterior finishes of the highest quality. Individual specifications include a terrace overlooking the communal pool, the gardens and the open sea views. A particular quality which is unique to this development at Hal-Saghtrija is that each property owner is entitled to partake of the seasonal produce from the fields on the surrounding land. The produce will be namely in the form of varied fruits and vegetables cultivated on the land around Hal-Saghtrija, as well as the home-grown olives which will be expertly pressed into quality olive oil. By-products such as Gozitan goat’s cheese and daily baked fresh bread will also be available.


The Gozo village feel

The development is characterised by an amazing number of shared facilities which the individual property owners can all enjoy equally. These include a traditional stone oven which is ideal for traditional Gozitan cooking, wine cellars ably converted from an old war shelter, a small central square, a little chapel, a communal pool, different picnic and BBQ areas surrounded by lawn, a kids’ playing area, a horse paddock, a spa, a number of ancient corbelled huts (giren), and a traditional water feature typically known as ‘ghajn tal-hasselin’.To complete the old Gozitan village feel, the public spaces are embellished with traditional oil lamps that are hand-lit by a lamplighter at dusk each day.


Property Management and Upkeep

Management of the property includes daily maintenance of interior common areas and of the gardens and external features. This adds prestige to the state-of-art apartments and their exclusivity. Such an extraordinary development deserves a visit and serious consideration. Apart from the fact that it is situated in a picturesque and most beautiful location, it is also a superb and unparalleled investment opportunity. Whether one opts to re-locate or simply to invest for rental purposes, Hal-Saghtrija will most certainly be one of a few top notch quality developed locations on Gozo in the future.