About Victoria Gardens

As mentioned, “quiet” is the word one would use to best describe Victoria Gardens. The area is predominantly residential, so any noise in the area will either be linked to construction or farming going on in the nearby fields. Traffic is practically non-existent since there are no major businesses in the area.

Victoria Gardens, in general, is also a very safe area. Nighttime shenanigans in the area are few and far between since Victoria Gardens is around 2.5km from Paceville, the main location for such activities. Noise from the nightclubs does not reach the area, and it’s unlikely any late-night revellers find themselves in the area unless they’re lost or live there.

Types of Properties in Victoria Gardens

While properties for sale in Malta differ vastly, there’s not much in which to get mixed up when it comes to property in Victoria Gardens. As mentioned, prospective buyers will need to decide between bungalows, semi-detached villas or fully-detached villas. Most properties will have large garden spaces, pool areas, and plenty of room on the roof for solar panels.

As one would expect, most properties are large enough to host three bedrooms at a minimum and two bathrooms, along with drive-ins and garages.

Places of interest

Victoria Gardens finds itself as a middle point between some of Malta’s more popular destinations. A stone’s throw away from San Ġwann, Swieqi and Pembroke, Naxxar, Mosta, St. Julian’s, Sliema and Valletta are all mere minutes away by car or by bus.

On a nice day, of which Malta has plenty, Victoria Gardens is also a lovely area for a walk or bike ride. Its proximity to nature allows for some beautiful sunrises and sunsets throughout the year.

Disadvantages of the locality

The only issue with the location that new arrivals to Victoria Gardens might experience is that there are no shops in the immediate vicinity. That means a trip for basic groceries must be done by car or delivery. However, given technological developments, this is surely a minor concern and will be vastly outweighed by the many positives associated with living in the area

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