Types of homes for first time buyers


Apartments for sale are the most sought-after types of homes for first-time buyers. They offer convenience, ideal for small families and are affordable, hence, buyers can receive the stipulated grant by the local government.


Like apartments, maisonettes for sale are also ideal for first-time buyers searching for a property for sale in Malta. They are compact and affordable and thanks to having a dedicated entrance area, they offer privacy. 


Penthouses in Malta are another type of real estate which are trending and are highly sought after. Penthouses for sale offer exceptional views and additional privacy making them ideal for anyone purchasing a home for the long term. 

Terraced houses 

Maltese terraced houses come equipped with adequate space and outdoor areas like a front garden or a backyard perfect for any young couple searching for a residential home to start their family.

Houses of Character

Purchasing a house of character as a first first-time buyer? Although the majority of houses of character for sale need a bit of love and care, if the price falls under the stipulated scheme, enjoy a home with unique and traditional characteristics.


Townhouses that have been built for more than 20 years or others which have been vacant for more than 7 years within specific Urban Conservation Areas (UCAs) are also perfect for first-time buyers. Explore the available townhouses. 

First time buyer schemes

As was recently launched in the 2023 budget, first time buyers buying property in Malta are eligible to purchase any type of home on the market. However, in order for a potential buyer to apply for this government scheme, like the second time buyers scheme, one has to be eligible with the Ministry of Finance.

Speak to one of our RE/MAX estate agents today to start your journey towards becoming a homeowner and buying your first property for sale on the Maltese island. Read our first-time buyers guides to learn more about the available government schemes and home loan grants available.