Luxury homes for rent

Malta has become a hot spot for luxury properties available for sale or rent. Whether you are looking to let your luxury home, invest in a buy-to-let luxury property, are a landlord with a large portfolio or simply visiting the Maltese islands for a short period of time, our RE/MAX Collection lettings associates are here to help. Our lettings experts are specifically trained to help you understand the whole process, of buying a lavish property or renting a luxury home in Malta, from start to finish. 

Types of luxury properties for rent

Explore the most sought-after luxury properties for rent in Malta or Gozo ideal as a family home or as an investment.


Luxury apartments for rent in Malta and Gozo are the most popular types of real estate and enjoy panoramic views and a pool. Discover luxury apartments for rent.


Villas for rent in Malta and Gozo consist of unique property types with a pool or garden making them perfect for a holiday rental. Explore the available villas for rent.


Farmhouses for rent in Malta and Gozo consist of a combination of beauty and history, making them an ideal destination for a holiday. View luxury farmhouses for rent.

Benefits of renting a luxury property 

Deciding to rent luxury residential real estate in Malta and living a luxury life has all the benefits a Mediterranean country can offer. The Maltese islands have it all. The sun, the food, the hospitality, the Mediterranean Sea as well as the locals speaking in English and Italian are some of the main advantages as to why you should decide to rent a luxury property in Malta or Gozo. 

Each luxury home in Malta or Gozo available on our property market has its own pool, a vast selection of casual and fine dining within the complex or within walking distance, shopping malls, parking facilities and absolutely fantastic panoramic views.

The great advantage to renting a luxury home in Malta is the fact that you don’t have the awkward travels that you may do when renting a villa abroad. As a matter of fact, most luxury properties in Malta for rent come with a 20-minute to 30-minute drive which if you are happily enjoying the relaxation and luxury of your own private villa is great but if you want to explore the Islands, taste the Maltese and Mediterranean cuisine at the restaurants and the vibrant nightlife it is a drawback.