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Smart City is the first of its kind on the sunny island of Malta. This township has an estimated 4,500 businesses in its global community of smart cities, and offers unprecedented partnership opportunities from a hub that is perfectly-situated between Europe, Africa and the Middle East.

The allure of such a township is primarily defined by its smart design, state-of-the-art technology and flexible facilities, which work together to give businesses and employees the best experience imaginable. This is also aided by the provision of exceptional ICT (Information and Communications Technology) and social infrastructure, which are sure to attract many-a-business to the realms of this self-sufficient location.

Smart City Project

The project, which has reserved over 25,000m2 to be dedicated to flexible and elegant grade ‘A’ office space, will be home to a number of blue-chip knowledge-based companies, as well as an in-house educational institute. This institute will soon be generating Smart-ready employees who are set to empower the local and international workforce through knowledge-based programmes in ICT, Media, Business, Tourism, Transport and Logistics. Together, this will allow for unprecedented global partnerships through knowledge-sharing across the region and worldwide.

SmartCity Malta’s employees and businesses will receive social, administrative, governmental and environmental support on site, while the global, self-sufficient community of Smart Cities allows for growth and innovation for both. Meanwhile, the hotels, conference centres and plug-and-play offices dotting the township are set to make SmartCity Malta an environment like no other.

The Aim of Smart City

With the aim of merging the concepts of work and play together seamlessly, the township of SmartCity Malta has also reserved over a third of its 360,000m2 domain for recreational purposes, with leafy parks, breath-taking promenades and an amphitheatre-style layout around a lagoon taking centre stage. The peaceful, suburban location of SmartCity Malta, in fact, makes it an idyllic place to live.

Lying along the scenic coast that stretches from Valletta’s majestic Grand Harbour to Ricasoli Point, SmartCity Malta is a dominant focal point that boasts awesome views of the Mediterranean Sea and offers a choice of detached villas, townhouses and world-class apartments – all of which are surrounded by the serviced common grounds and landscaped gardens.

Leisure & Work

Inhabitants, workers and visitors can also make the most of the leisure factor, which is part and parcel of SmartCity Malta’s unmatched way of life. Alfresco rooftop dining and exceptional retail facilities are but a few of the things that will continue to make this township a self-sufficient microcosm. Furthermore, the township will also boast an enviable calendar of events with unique entertainment options and performances happening all year round for the benefit of both the residents and day-visitors.

SmartCity Malta brings together a completely revolutionary concept for both working and living in the Maltese islands. It is a combination of people-oriented business and a lifestyle worthy of the modern methods that are sure to change the rules of the game.

How RE/MAX Can Help Out

At RE/MAX Malta our professional team of associates have first-hand information about the project and have been working with Smart City since before the project was launched. Our elected team was consulted on rental potential and property prices. SmartCity is an ideal destination for start-ups, medium to large sized organisations that require flexibility and room for growth. The logistics and the amenities of the establishment are second to none.

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