Selling Your Property with RE/MAX Exclusive

We offer two packages for selling properties with RE/MAX. Exclusive/Exclusive Plus. These packages include various marketing tools, methods, and highly targeted social media strategies that expose properties to thousands of potential buyers looking to purchase a home quickly. 

The Exclusive Plus package includes three additional tools: an EPC Report, Video Property Tours, and Architectural Inspections. This premium package enhances property promotion and ensures a smoother process overall. This is the ideal solution for sellers seeking efficient, effective, and standout property sales in a competitive market.

What are the differences between the RE/MAX Exclusive Packages?

Here are the main differences between both packages.

3D Visuals 
Photography & Home Staging 
Given Search Priority on Website
Social Media Marketing
EPC Assistance
EPC Report
Video Property Tours
Architect Inspection
Why Sell Your Property Exclusively With RE/MAX?

Accurate Property Valuation

Our Associates are committed to achieving fair pricing for your property. We provide a precise assessment of your property's market value.

Effortless Market Entry

Seamlessly list your property with our expert guidance.

Strategic Marketing

Utilise effective outreach strategies tailored to showcase your property to the most relevant audience effectively and reach qualified buyers

Swift Sales

Benefits from our proven pricing strategies and effective advertising campaigns, which often lead to property sales within 45 days

Maximized Exposure

Elevate your property's visibility and presence in the market.

No Additional Costs

Enjoy the benefits of our exclusive listing services without any extra fees or charges.

How to list your property exclusively with RE/MAX?

Listing your property with RE/MAX Exclusive is straightforward and highly beneficial in matching your property to right buyer. 

Here’s how the process works:

    1. Initial Contact

      Reach out to your preferred RE/MAX agent to express your interest.

    2. Property Analysis

      Our Exclusive team conducts a thorough assessment of your property, highlighting its strengths and weaknesses, and comparing it to the current market and competition. This step ensures we understand your property’s unique selling points and competitive position.

    3. Approval and Valuation

      If your property meets our standards, we will help you set the right price with the final approval from the agent’s manager. Once approved, we prepare a comprehensive marketing package within 14 days, including professional photos, detailed descriptions, and strategic marketing plans.

    4. Marketing Launch

      Our expert stager and photographer will ensure your property looks its best across all platforms, including photography, video, website listings, brochures, and social media advertising. We then activate our extensive social media marketing campaign, leveraging our numerous pages, groups, websites, and newsletters to ensure continuous exposure to potential buyers until sold.

    5. Lead Generation and Sale

      Our skilled sales associates will actively work to sell your property as quickly as possible, providing you with regular updates and feedback throughout the process. Often, properties are sold even before our staging team has a chance to enhance them!


The RE/MAX Exclusive packages are the right choice for your property. While others may offer similar services, none achieve the same level of success.

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