Types of investment properties


Buying a property for sale in Malta in the form of an apartment block or an individual flat? Apartments are highly desirable properties which attract a lot of locals, foreign students, workers and ex-pats who decide to retire here.


Like apartments, farmhouses are one of the most desirable types of properties on the Maltese islands. Although they require a little bit of love and care, they offer wonderful traditional Maltese features, making them ideal for summer rental investments.

Seafront properties

There are numerous ambitions that people have in their life, and having an oceanfront penthouse or seaside home is undoubtedly one of them. Discover and invest in a seafront property as a holiday home or to rent.

Houses of character

Malta has no shortage of attractive new developments, but for anyone keen to immerse themselves in traditional architecture, unspoiled village cores or open countryside, the market for houses of character is one to look out for.


Townhouses in Malta and Gozo are typically located in the islands' older, more distinctive areas, with detailed limestone facades and colourful wooden balconies. Inquire about townhomes for sale.


Like houses of character, villas for sale on our property market are another type of exclusive property for any real estate investor as a residential property or summer home enjoying Malta’s lifestyle and hot summers.

Invest with RE/MAX Malta

Whatever your investment needs, RE/MAX Malta is here to help. Investing in a property is a habit which pays dividends in the long run if the investor buys property in Malta and spends his or her money well.

Our dedicated estate agents offer an unparalleled service to help investors search and purchase property for sale according to their long-term strategy. From rental investment to citizenship by investment tips discover more by contacting us today!