Fort Cambridge Sliema Location

Unsurpassed views of sea all year round, a luxurious bachelor-pad or a comfortable family home – Fort Cambridge was built with a rewarding investment in mind, which could serve all kinds of clients. A unique location, the development is located in Sliema, more particularly on the Tigné Peninsula, a truly magnificent location, with unparalleled views, two historical buildings and a strategic location that makes all amenities, administration and entertainment locations within 5 – 20 minutes of travel.

Shopping, Dining & Cafe’s

Fort Cambridge is located in the heart of the shopping centre in Malta. Within walking distance on one side you will find The Point Shopping Mall (The largest Shopping Mall in Malta), whereas on the other side one may stroll down in to the Sliema Ferries area where there are numerous high-street shops, café’s and restaurants which are virtually open all of the time. Sliema is so cosmopolitan and full of life that it attracts several tourists of different nationality, locals and foreign residents from morning coffee to dinnertime.

Apartments in Fort Cambridge

With a total floor area of 28.000 square metres, the site contains Fort Cambridge and adjacent barracks built by the British in the 1880s. A total of 350 apartments varying between 1, 2, 3 and 4 bedrooms are available, with a 900-car garage beneath the development. All of the development covers only 17% of the whole site, as the historical buildings and the beautiful landscaped gardens occupy the rest. Three individual towers have been built, which can be accessed through 10 separate entrances. The apartments all vary in size and views, but one thing is common – functional living. Wide terraces are to be found in all the apartments, which garner a very Maltese touch, and can be especially valuable for leisure activities during most of the year.

The Fort Cambridge development is freehold, and has been given the status of Special Designated Area by means of a legal notice issued by the Government of Malta. This status offers prospective buyers various exclusive advantages linked to the property.

Pricing and Home amenities

The prices of the apartments vary according to size (from 100 square meters up to 500 square meters), location and view. These prices span from € 245,000 up to € 1,900,000. Fort Cambridge has been projected as a holistic approach to living. Services such as 24/7 security, a communal open area pool for the exclusive use of the residents, a gym, a spa centre and an indoor pool, are all to be enjoyed by prospective buyers. The requirements for living in Sliema is higher compared to other locations, which vary from a superior standard of seafront apartments in Malta.

Eco friendly development

This development clinched the gold award in the eco-development category during the Russian Home Overseas Property Awards for its commitment to sustainability. Considerable measures have been taken by the developers of Fort Cambridge, such as the inclusion of total insulation, specialised ventilation systems, water cool VRF systems, storage and re-use of grey water, solar outdoor lighting and the utilisation of a heat pump system for the heating of the indoor pool. All this will result in a 2000 ton reduction in CO2 emissions.

Availability of Homes

Fort Cambridge occupies a relatively strategic position in the market. The only other developments that fit within the same category are Portomaso and Tigné Point. At present these developments are almost sold out with re-sales only available, and therefore direct competition is relatively non-existent. The only competition that exists concerns the re-sales of properties that make part of these two developments and Fort Cambridge itself.

As for the clients themselves, there is no typical client attracted to occupying property within Fort Cambridge. However, there are common factors between all the clients seeking property therein, mostly importantly that all clients seek value for their money. Other important factors are the peace of mind in the developers’ promise of completion dates and delivery, and that the quality of the property lives up to such promise. The developers are very aware of the fact that each individual property will serve the new owners clients as a home, as well as an investment, that it will play a central role in the quality of people’s lifestyles. This further increases the developers’ earnestness to offer the best possible to all clients, by combining the professionalism and quality with amenity and the level of luxury that in combination such an impact on the quality of life.

Rental investment opportunity

Fort Cambridge is also an ideal development for a rental investment. Its location is strategically situated close to several office blocks where staff as well as executives from various industries work and require to rent out homes. Rental yield may be anything between 4% – 7% depending on what property is bought and the finishes.

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