Gozo property market

Buying a property for sale in Gozo is unquestionably a wise investment. Generally speaking, Gozo’s property market has always been a buoyant one. This is because there is a wide range of residential properties available for sale according to one’s tastes and budget. Furthermore, the available properties for sale in Gozo have a broader range of residential real estate than those found in Malta. As a result, Gozo is a very hot and attractive place to search for your dream home. 

Gozo property costs are still a fraction of what you can get in Malta. As a result, it is possible to say that hot properties in Gozo are cheaper than properties for sale in Malta. For instance, in some localities in Gozo, you can get a townhouse or a farmhouse for sale with a pool for the same price as an apartment in Malta. Therefore, it can be said that there are many cheap and bargain properties in Gozo of any type.  

However, if you want the hottest properties in Gozo, although searching our property listings is a great idea, one should choose a RE/MAX agent in Gozo to get the best advice on any kind of property investment or Malta real estate. 

Gozo property types

Reasons to buy property in Gozo

There is a wide range of hot properties available for sale in Gozo. Whether your taste is modern, traditional, cosy or minimalist, there is something for everyone on this charming little island. Many people, however, have been drawn to Gozo over the years for its traditional townhouses and farmhouses, of which have been expertly converted over the years to provide all mod-cons and, often, private swimming pools. Some examples of hot properties in Gozo include:


Widely available across Gozo, apartments for sale in Malta are always a popular option as they offer convenience and, generally, greater affordability. That said, there will be an apartment for you no matter what your budget or requirements.


Gozitan townhouses are characterised by the traditional Maltese balcony and often enjoy a small garden. They offer plenty of space and privacy, as well as a convenient location close to amenities ideal for any young couple or family in Malta with children.


Farmhouses for sale in Gozo are arguably the most desirable properties on the island. You’ll find they have lots of wonderful features and can also be very spacious, with room for a swimming pool or lovely spots to entertain.

Reasons to buy property for sale in Gozo

Why buy property for sale in Gozo? There are many very good reasons to buy properties for sale in Gozo. First and foremost, the growing economy and steady influx of newcomers to Malta and Gozo create a very stable and trendy property market. Not only are you purchasing a home in Gozo, but you are making an extremely sensible investment with your money. 

Return on investment

Return on Investment can be, depending on your purchase, anywhere between 5% to 8%, if you intend on renting the property throughout the year. This is not including capital appreciation. 

Government schemes

Furthermore, various government schemes are available for first-time buyers and property investors buying Gozo real estate. 

Gozo atmosphere

However, the real reason, to buy a property for sale in Gozo is simply because of the utterly charming and unique atmosphere of the island. Largely unchanged in decades, the slow pace of life and breath-taking natural beauty makes Gozo a very beguiling place to spend time. Coupled this with the friendliness of the Gozitan people and you have an island that will capture your heart. Read more about 9 reasons to buy property in Gozo.

Buying a property in Gozo as an EU and non-EU citizen

Like Malta, Gozo makes the process of buying property both easy and safe for foreign buyers or property investors. As a result, many have decided that there is no better place to retire, and they fall in love with the beautiful Gozitan scenery and laid-back lifestyle. Read more about guides before buying real estate in Gozo as an EU and non-EU citizen. 

European Union citizen

If you are a citizen of the European Union and have resided in Malta and Gozo continually for a minimum period of five years, you may freely acquire more than one immovable property without the need of a permit. If you are an EU citizen but have not resided in Malta for at least five years, you also do not require a permit, under Chapter 246 – as long as it is your intention to purchase your primary residence (take up residence in Malta and Gozo). You also do not require a permit to buy real estate only required for your business activities or supply of services.

Non- EU citizen

If you originate from outside the EU, never fear, you are not shut out of the Gozitan property market either. There is, however, a minimum price that you must pay for an immovable property to obtain an AIP (Acquisition of Immovable Property) permit, which will enable you to purchase a property in Gozo. The minimum prices vary according to the type of property. AIPs are granted by the Ministry of Finance and usually take 6-8 weeks to be issued.

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