Central Area

The real estate market in Central Malta has seen an increase over recent years, and is predicted to remain strong. Localities such as Attard, Balzan, Gharghur, Siggiewi and Zebbug are full of properties waiting to be converted. Of those that are already converted, a majority of the owners have chosen to retain several original features to keep the authenticity of Maltese homes intact.

Attard, Balzan & Zebbug

As with all other localities, Central localities are each renowned for their abundance in specific property types; Attard and Balzan are ideal for those looking to purchase villas; Zebbug is perfect if you’re looking for a House of Character, and so on. These localities are also situated on a higher ground level than others found closer to the shore line, which ensures that a bulk of Central property owners are guaranteed scenic views. This is especially owing to the fact that Central Malta has not been developed nearly as much as more popular regions, such as Sliema and St Julian’s. However, the central part of Malta also caters for those who are looking to get away from the hectic busy lifestyles of busier regions, without isolating themselves completely. Several apartments, penthouses and maisonettes can also be found littered throughout the area, making this region ideal for any buyer.

Best Central Property in Malta 

Central areas of Malta include localities such as Attard, Lija, Balzan, Mosta, Birkirkara, Gharghur, Siggiewi and Zebbug. The real estate market in Central Malta was always, and will continue to remain, particularly strong. The area is abundant with several unconverted townhouses, villas, houses of character as well as a few farmhouses. Those that are converted have been sure to retain several of their original features to keep the authenticity of the property intact. In fact, properties in central areas remain in high demand owing to their recognisable features, which date back quite a few years. The areas are also on higher grounds than other more common areas – such as Sliema and St Julian’s. This couple with a few areas that have not been developed means that residents of these areas are almost guaranteed more scenic views. Those areas that have also been developed may cater for residents who may prefer to reside in an apartment or penthouse.