Types of homes for second time buyers


Buying property in Malta in the form of a smaller house? Apartments for sale are the ideal type of properties for any couple or investor looking to retire or as a summer residence enjoying Malta’s sunny and picturesque beaches.


Similar to apartments, maisonettes are another type of residential property perfect for second time buyers looking to invest or to upsize or downsize their home whilst also on a budget but seeking privacy.

Terraced houses 

Maltese terraced houses are ideal for any couple looking for a place to settle down and expand their family. Enjoy and explore multi-story homes with adequate outdoor spaces like a front garden or backyard as a second time buyer.  

Houses of Character

Houses of character in Malta and Gozo are a type of exclusive properties which need a bit of love and care but are perfect for second time buyers investing in a traditional Maltese home. Find out more about these forms of homes.


Like houses of character, villas for sale on our property market are another type of exclusive homes for any family or real estate investor as a residential property or summer home enjoying Malta’s lifestyle and hot summers.


Farmhouses available on our property market are mainly found in the Maltese countryside and consist of lavish homes boasting traditional architecture. They come equipped with all types of amenities, hence, are ideal for second time buyers upsizing their home.

What is a second time buyer?

A second-time buyer is a type of government scheme, offered by the Government of Malta, where a potential buyer purchases a residential property but sells the old property before the sale. This scheme currently applies to second-time time buyers buying property in Malta from the 10th of October 2017 till the 31st of December 2023 and has to meet specific conditions as elaborated under Article 22A(2).

Should you be looking to purchase a second home, you have come to the right place. At RE/MAX Malta, your real estate requirements are our priority. Thanks to our experience helping second-time buyers purchase a property for sale you will enjoy a smooth transition to your second property.