Here, the feeling of family and collaboration is present from top to bottom, along with a core belief in training and development. Managers are also mentors, and the company ethos is one of entrepreneurship with support. To be in business by yourself, but not on your own. Read on to learn a little more about what a career in our organisation is really like.

Real Estate Estate Careers In Malta

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When one considers a career in real estate, it is easy to imagine fast-paced, cut-throat corporate life. A culture of everyone out for themselves. Although exciting, the downside is a lack of support and camaraderie, as well as an inability to gain training and expertise to further develop your career.

But is this always the case?

Not at RE/MAX Malta. Here, the feeling of family and collaboration is present from top to bottom, along with a core belief in training and development.

Managers are also mentors, and the company ethos is one of entrepreneurship with support. To be in business by yourself, but not on your own. Read on to learn a little more about what a career in our organisation is really like.

RE/MAX The Pioneer & Specialists

Since its 1973 inception in the United States, RE/MAX (short for Real Estate Maximums) has led the way with a different and better business model for real estate – one that put the sales associate front and centre.

This model has always, unsurprisingly, encouraged the very best associates to work for RE/MAX Malta, something which is very apparent in our Malta offices today. Self-motivating and expert in their own property market, a RE/MAX agent is at the very top of their game. The RE/MAX Agent Specialises in their field and is committed to delivering an International standard of service.

Today, RE/MAX globally has more than 120,000 agents in 6,800 offices, and the company operates in about 100 countries.

RE/MAX: The Brand

As is the case in every country the brand exists in, RE/MAX Malta is the first real estate company that comes to mind. This means that both vendors and buyers come to RE/MAX Malta first. In fact, the number works out that out of every 10 buyers and vendors, seven are already dealing with RE/MAX. That’s half the job done.

The brand is globally associated with heritage, trust and an impeccable reputation, so you know that the RE/MAX balloon next to your name signals quality service to prospective clients.

RE/MAX: The Educator

In Malta, RE/MAX agents benefit enormously from RE/MAX Malta’s Real Estate Academy. Built specifically to build real estate agency careers, the programmes, which are based on the European marketplace, have become part of the culture as the company looks to hire people that are willing to learn and grow.

The company has training for all levels of experience. Beginners, Intermediates and Experts avail themselves to a variety of training that is delivered through three of our qualified mentors.

The RE/MAX Accelerator program – which is almost equivalent to the course which will get you the license, is offered every 4 weeks. 15 sessions of 3.5 hours of technical and soft skills will immediately get you into the industry.

Furthermore, the company has just revamped its “Succeed Mentoring Program” which has been named “Total Immersion”. The course include more advanced training and includes utilising latest techniques such as Video, Social Media Marketing and these courses are all backed up with an learning management system (LMS) where you will need to go online in your time and watch the session and complete the multiple choice questions after each chapter.

Other courses that you will not find anywhere else in the industry is the Tom Ferry, Business by Design. You can purchase Tom Ferry’s Book on Amazon but you wont be privy to this excellent advanced training. Talking about celebrity trainers, we also have Richard Robbins Masters Formula which is one of the hottest training solutions world-wide available also at your finger tips.

RE/MAX: The Mentor

In addition to our training programs, the RE/MAX Malta company culture provides support and guidance through our mentor scheme. We expect our sales associates to be independent, entrepreneurial and self-motivating, but we reinforce our brand values through strong management with a focus on nurturing and encouraging our talented sales team. Our managers are trained to train as we do not leave no stone unturned. Meaning – our trainers actually train our managers to become trainers and to mentor their agents better so they will be able to deal with every day to day obstacle you may have and empower you to close more deals.

RE/MAX: The Innovator

RE/MAX has always been at the forefront of technological advancement in the real estate industry. The first company to use satellite television to communicate throughout their network, the first company to have an online university and the first company to deliver a mobile app for estate agents to manager their business on the go. The brand offers its sales associates an entire suite of innovative technology at their fingertips.

It’s all designed to save time, boost business and make life easier.

RE/MAX: The Events Organiser

There’s nothing like a live event to invigorate your career. No matter your niche or specialty, there’s a RE/MAX Malta event designed to fit your needs. And the opportunity to network and to meet others like you in different markets is a priceless resource for your training and career development.

Each year, RE/MAX Malta’s team organises outstanding annual events, whilst you – as a member of the team – could even get the opportunity to head to Las Vegas for the RE/MAX International Convention, R4. Alternatively, you could stay closer to home and attend the RE/MAX Europe Annual Convention.

These are unforgettable gatherings with a focus on networking, education and entertainment.

RE/MAX: The Culture of Caring

RE/MAX agents are all about helping others — and it doesn’t end with home sales. Through the RE/MAX Malta & Friends Foundation, every RE/MAX agent, manager and franchise owner donates a fixed fee/percentage of their agency fee on every transaction.

These funds are administered through the Foundation and are subsequently donated to other causes, with a focus on children with chronic illness and for RE/MAX Malta staff who require medical attention.

To-date, RE/MAX Malta agents have donated more than €300,000.

Key Benefits

So what are the key benefits of a real estate career with RE/MAX Malta?

  • Individuality; being in business for yourself but not by yourself.
  • Top-of-Mind Brand; consumers in Malta identify the brand as the first real estate company that comes to mind, which means you will get first dab at any customer looking for property in Malta
  • Database; RE/MAX Malta has the largest and widest range of properties in the market
  • Education; with continuous online training, classroom training and not to mention the RE/MAX University, your future is in your own hands. If you learn more you are going to earn more.
  • Networking; being part of a company that exchanges ideas and works as a team with one common goal.
  • The Local Network; RE/MAX Malta is the largest real estate network in our country.
  • Technology, Managing your business at your fingertips, having the most searched for website in Malta for property and various other lead generators.

When you compare, these salient points certainly point in one direction and that is that your first port of call when thinking of a career in real estate you need to speak to RE/MAX Malta. But don’t take their word for it.

Set a meeting with their HR manager and if you are qualified and interested in starting a career in real estate we’ll start – we’ll give you three free training sessions with one of our mentors so you may take a knowledgeable decision on your future.

Be in business for yourself but never on your own!

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