Portomaso is the name of an exclusive development which is located on the coastline near Paceville, which forms part of the town of St Julian’s. The superb waterfront development made the headlines when it was inaugurated back in 1999, since it was the first of its kind on Malta and thus attracted great public attention.

The entire expanse of the development covers nearly 130,000 square metres, and includes The Marina, a privately owned and managed yacht marina that welcomes small water craft up to motor cruisers of a maximum length of 16 metres.

Portomaso also comprises the five-star Hilton Malta hotel above which towers the noteworthy sky scraping building known as the Portomaso Business Tower. Being the highest tower on the island, it enjoys visibility from practically all over Malta and has become a landmark of importance.

With their layered setting, the different blocks of apartments overlooking the marina reminisce the traditional layered fields of the traditional Maltese rural landscape. Tall palm trees lend an exotic look whilst the berthed yachts provide that extra touch of luxuriousness.

Property types and lifestyle

The whole of Portomaso is known for its assortment of luxury apartments, penthouses, duplex’s and great landscaping throughout. Coloured by the occasional rumour of mega personality ownership, these apartments are considered the creme de la creme of high society properties in this part of the island. Most of the apartments share the glamorous view, some are inland, whereas others have both the marina view and a view of the shady and sunny side of Sliema Seafront. Apartments may be in the form of small one-bedroom pads, singular multi-level properties, 3/4 bedroom villa apartments or even large penthouses with their own swimming pool. One of the advantages of Portomaso is that it has an underground car park which accommodates every property. Prices vary as much as the possibilities available, even whilst one may choose to purchase or rent out a property as it becomes available.

The Portomaso Business Tower is sought after for its state-of-the-art office facilities. As a refined business venue, the 23 floor tower provides between to 295 and 465 square metres of space on each floor, depending on the level. Parking facilities, security features, concierge service and great views complement the all.

The lifestyle at Portomaso attracts a great mix of foreigners and locals alike. The magnetism of being within a complex where you have everything at your fingertips is something that is sought after.

Shopping, Bars, Restaurants

An attractive shopping centre set on the ground floor area of Portomaso Business Tower, Arkadia Supermarket provides most shopping requirements and includes the provision of a tangible selection of quality brands. However luxury shops of note are also found within Portomaso and within its environs. These shops include fine jewellery, designer fashion, luxury watches, hair dresser, nail technician, international wines, art and more.

Fine dining options are as varied as they come. Perched on top of the business tower, one finds some of Malta’s most exclusive nightclubs. Inside the marina you will find a selection of fine dining and casual dining, some intimate restaurants and a full on classy wine bar.


Most people visiting Portomaso, can’t do away with a lovely stroll within the soothingly serene Portomaso Marina. The location is surprisingly calm and contained, even whilst being a step away from the busy-ness of the big wide world.

The Merkanti Beach club is your fashionable location where people socialise and grab a tan or a drink. If you’re of a more active disposition, you might fancy some sports at the Living Well Health Club – choose between the gym, the squash court or some sauna.

Couples and families enjoy any one of the restaurants within the Hilton Hotel, as well as the indoor or outdoor pool facilities and special weekend breaks options.

Real Estate Market – Portomaso

Whilst Portomaso is a contained development, there are continuous opportunities of purchasing property, or, failing that, of renting out. Investing in a Portomaso property is a sure return of monies invested since it is much sought-after and considered of a high reputation.

Each apartment boasts an individual character, so that no two properties are completely identical. As part of a Special Designated Area, the properties are unique in all ways, and since the area is now well lived-in, the facilities are fully up and running, and managed with years of experience. As a Special Designated Area, Portomaso is also a very good option to purchase with a view of letting it out. Rental returns are excellent – though one should always seek advice.

Apartments for sale and to let are available however very often, their availability become scarce. Prices of properties start at €250, 000. Hereunder please find a selection of customised search links to make your property search easier: