Tigne Luxury Property

Tigne Point, as a development, includes different segments of residential apartments which intermingle elegantly thanks to discreetly positioned urban spaces all round. Apartments of varied sizes and penthouses provide vistas over the water or onto the Pjazza Tigne which is the central town square within the development. Apart from the selection of studio apartments, one-two or three bed apartments, duplexes or penthouses, the location enjoys the presence of the Tigne Point Office Block where one will be able to invest or rent an open-plan office of some 1500 square metres of spaces.

This Lifestyle Development has been a major attraction from both locals and foreigners alike. Where foreigners find Tigne Point as a safe gated community which oozes luxury and prestige, locals who are also like minded have invested in the development for personal use, retirement planning or specifically leasing which garners exceptional rental yields.

The different blocks of apartments have been released at different stages and have also been designed by a number of different foreign, also famous design and architecture companies as well as the top breed of local architects. No expense has been spared in this development, the space has been designed especially well, with the best of material and favourable to the latest trends. There are a number of available rental properties as well as apartments for resale. These do not last a long time on the market however since there is a turnaround of investment in the project properties do come available.


Shopping, Bars, Restaurants

The wide urban spaces around the apartment blocks are mostly pedestrianised and include elegant shopping options around Pjazza Tigne as well as mega shopping options within The Point Shopping Mall. The latter is one of Malta’s most exciting shopping spaces to date. Pjazza Tigne provides open-air wining and dining opportunities, lovely cafeterias and the opportunity to share in communal events, public spectacles and activities, or just sit back and relax a quiet afternoon. Moreover, one is located minutes away from the action of Sliema and all the social venues around this town.

Tigne Point and Momentous Conflicts

Tigne Point was historically called Dragut Point, in remembrance of the distant 1565 Siege of Malta which saw the Maltese alongside the Knights of the Order of St John fighting the Turkish invaders.

The location of Tigne also comprises Fort Tigne which was constructed in 1793, the last major military construction of the Knights on Malta before their departure in 1798. This fort was tantamount during the Maltese resistance against the French occupation in 1878. Eventually, during British Colonial rule, Fort Tigne and barracks were strategically important in the protection of Malta against Italian and German invasion during WWII.

The historical view of Valletta provides the ultimate conversation igniter. A huge chunk of Malta’s heritage is there for visual impact and one can enjoy spotting all the special sites against the backdrop of the setting sun.

Activities in Sliema

Pjazza Tigne is the hub of all activities in and around Tigne Point. Typically busy during seasonal events, it attracts the crowds during the run-up to Christmas when carol-singing, ice-skating and games are organised in the area. Tigne Point includes also a fitness centre, a shoreline swimming pool and the presence of the Sliema Wanderers Football Club with its training ground, club rooms and indoor five-a-side pitches. Swimmers and divers can avail themselves of the facility of being merely a few metres away from the water which is easily accessible.

Real Estate Market

As such an impressive location, the luxury development on Tigne Point is a Special Designated Area and offers a superlative site which today provides exceptional private homes. Each is accommodated with its private (gated) entrance, may enjoy private gardens and courtyards, as well as car parking options (open or closed) and have fully serviced common areas.

There are a number of different apartment blocks situated at different angles that all enjoying a different view; whether it is of the Valletta Bastions, open sea, the Piazza Tigne or Sliema Creek at Tigne Point there is definitely a home that will match your taste.

In terms of rental investment options, these properties promise a superlative investment, especially since Tigne Point is so highly regarded for its up-market style and trendy aspects. With some 240 plus apartments covering the entire development, there are regular possibilities of investment which can be tapped with the attentive assistance of a trained real estate agent. RE/MAX is ranked as one of the top selling estate agents for Tigne Point:

Q1 Foreshore Residences

The latest stage of the Tigné Point Development – known as Q1 – is a 13 storey block of apartment and penthouses in Malta just overlooking the beautiful World Heritage Site, Valletta. Luxuriously finished, the block is found closer to the shoreline than any other block within Tigné Point. Each apartment and penthouse enjoys stunning panoramic sea views from its wide frontage, and are located within close proximity to Fort Tigné, separated only by a quiet footpath.