Luxury Property Developments

Over the last ten years Malta has seen a number of major real estate property development projects being developed by local property developers in Malta which have changed the face of the Industry and created a benchmark of quality that is second to none even when compared to other real estate developments in other countries.

These developments have not only placed Malta on the International map of real estate but they have created a unique community of investors, locals and foreigners alike, that together enjoy a brand new lifestyle unknown to the Maltese Islands before.

The high standard of living, the moderate climate, the residency opportunities as well as the fact that Maltese nationals speak English has been an important factor in the ever demanding attraction of purchasing a first or second home in Malta.

Malta’s infrastructure is complimented with a number of branded five star and four star hotels, has become an International hub for Technology and Financial related businesses and its capital city, Valletta, will be the European Capital of culture in 2018.

Purchasing a property is a relatively easy process and is safeguarded as well as regulated. Foreigners may purchase as many properties as they like as long as they are located in the Special Designated areas, where they are able to purchase one property per dependent if their preferred choice of property is not located in the Special Designated Areas. Residents of Malta are not restricted.

Hereunder, we have compiled a list of what we call the “Luxury Property Developments” in Malta and Gozo and have indicated which projects are in the Special Designated areas:


Special Designated Area’s in Malta: