What is the difference between a short let and a long let in Malta?

Short lets are usually classified as anything under six months, while long lets are constituted as anything over six months. This may vary slightly depending on the landlord in question, so it makes sense to discuss this with your letting agent before you make your decision.

How long will it take to move in to my new rental property in Malta?

Again, this depends on the landlord and the state of the property. If it has already been vacated and is in a good condition, then you may even be able to move in the very next day. Alternatively, you may want to start your lease on a fresh week or month. On the other hand, if work still needs to be done on the property, then you could agree on a date between you or the landlord and move in accordingly.

What are REMAX Malta’s agency fees?

At RE/MAX our agency fees amount to 50% of the first month’s rent. These fees are applicable for both the renter and the landlord.

What are the initial payments required when renting an apartment long-term in Malta?

When you and the landlord agree on the terms of your rental you will be required to pay one month’s rent in advance, as well as a deposit. The amount of the deposit will be confirmed by your landlord, but is usually equivalent to one month’s rent.

What is the general rule regarding the Force Majeure clause in Malta?

Force Majeure is a common clause in a rental agreement that frees both parties from their obligations should a natural or unavoidable situation arise beyond the control of the parties – this would exempt one or both parties from fulfilling their obligations. This could include natural disasters like earthquakes or tsunamis, and circumstances like terrorist activities and war. Depending on your agreement, ‘force majeure’ could also apply to the loss of a job or a death in the family.

At the end of the tenancy, what are my obligations?

You will be required to leave the property the same way that you found it. You could choose to clean it yourself, or hire a cleaning company. You will also need to go through the inventory to ensure that all the items are still there and in good working condition. Finally, you will need to hand over all sets of keys to the landlord.

When will I get my deposit back?

This often depends on the agreement you have with your landlord, and should be specified in your contract. It will usually be around one month after you vacate the property, to give the landlord time to go through the inventory and check that everything has been left in good working order.

If I want to renew my rental agreement in Malta, what is the procedure?

If you would like to renew your agreement, you can liaise directly with your landlord to discuss the conditions The agency does not need to be involved at this stage.

What is an inventory?

An inventory is a list of all the items included in the rental of your apartment. This could be everything from furniture and soft furnishings, to electronics and kitchenware. Your landlord will probably go through the inventory with you, but it makes sense to check this yourself to ensure everything has been included and that it is all in good working order. When it is time for you to vacate the property, be sure to check that you are leaving everything on the list in the property and in the condition that it was provided, as otherwise this could be deducted from your deposit.