Access Your Personal Data

If you have done business with RE/MAX or requested our services, you have no direct access to the data stored on our servers. If you wish to modify or delete your personal data, or want to know what personal data is stored on your behalf, please submit your request using your email address. You will receive a confirmation email to identify your identity. 

Upon receiving your request, RE/MAX will have one (1) month to process your request according to the GDPR legislation. In specific cases as allowed by law, this period may be extended by a further two (2) months. 

RE/MAX website

If you have not done business with RE/MAX but have used the RE/MAX Website with a “MY RE/MAX” account, please login with your account if you wish to modify or delete your personal details.

RE/MAX reserves the right to keep your data in terms of our retention policy and as allowed by law. Please find more information on our Privacy Policy.

Deletion of Personal Data on the Remax App

You can request deletion of your Personal Data in relation to the RE/MAX App through the App itself as follows. Please note, that following the submission of your request, all personal data related to the use of the App will be permanently deleted and irretrievable. 

  1. Open the Mobile App 
  2. Log in with your user account 
  3. Select the User Profiles option from the side menu
  4. Click on the Remove Account Button, which will send you to the Remove Account Page 
  5. You will be diverted to a new screen with an explanation of the consequences of the deletion of your account, along with the Remove Account Button
  6. Clicking on this will give you the option to delete the account (yes or no option).
  7. You will then receive an email that your account has been removed 

Please however note that RE/MAX may retain certain personal data if through the App, you have entered into a transaction in relation to our services. For more information regarding the processing of personal data by RE/MAX and our retention periods please look at our Privacy Policy