Get it Valued

With over 350+ sales associates spread throughout over 30 franchise offices, you can rest assured that your home will be listed professionally. Your assigned sales associate will assist you in pricing your home and will refer to his manager for approval.

Get it on the Market

Once you’re on board with the Priority by RE/MAX Listing Portfolio, our professional stager and photographer will make sure your property looks fantastic across all platforms: photography, video, website, brochure and social media advertising.

Leave it to us

This is where LEAD GENERATION starts. Our professional sales associates will be put to work to ensure that your property is sold within the minimum span of time, providing you will be given feedback along the way.

Get Your Property noticed with Priority by RE/MAX

The property market in Malta has become greatly over-saturated. Customers must traverse through a multitude of listings online, posted by a multitude of real estate agents and agencies from across Malta and Gozo, with extremely varied quality standards. Due to this, it has become increasingly difficult for vendors to give their property the right exposure and strategy to get their property noticed and  sold in a manner that fits their timeline and budget.

Priority by RE/MAX is a service designed to meet and exceed the needs of vendors that have made the sale of their home their priority. Our package brings together a number of powerful marketing tools and methods, like our specialized cameras, and combines them with a highly targeted social media marketing strategy that exposes your property to thousands of potential customers.

How to list your property with Priority by RE/MAX

So how can you become a part of the Priority by RE/MAX service? The process is simple, but only the best properties make it to the service. Once you have contacted your preferred RE/MAX Agent, our Priority team will conduct a thorough analysis of your property. They will highlight all the positive and negative aspects of your property, while comparing it to what is available on the market and what is in direct competition with it.

Provided your property passes our assessment, the marketing package for your property will be completed within 14 days of the agreement coming into effect. Once that is done, we open the taps on our social media marketing through our numerous pages, groups, websites and newsletters to ensure that your property is exposed to interested customers 24 hours a day through our paid sponsorship, until sold. HOWEVER! It is not uncommon for RE/MAX to sell your property before our staging team even has a chance to come and do their job! So get in touch by completing the forms on this website or by getting in touch with your preferred RE/MAX Agent. Your priority can be our priority.

The Priority Listing Programme is the only product of its kind in Malta. Though others may claim to offer a similar service, their results can not match the same level of success as the RE/MAX Priority Listing Programme.

The new service for those serious about selling

We guarantee that the sellers’ property will be in front of every potential buyer on the market, with the help of eye catching marketing and advertising methods.

eye catching marketing and advertising methods

3D Imagery

High-quality 3D imagery can increase exposure of your property by up to 50 times.

Staging Your Property

Showcase your home at its best with the help of our staging expert.

Your Own Website

An exclusive website for your property will give you a definite edge over the competition.

Video Walk-through

A full high resolution video of the property.

Virtual Walk-through

A literal virtual walk-through will ensure customers are pre-qualified.


Your property sent to over 10,000 subscribers.