Reasons to Buy a Farmhouse in Malta or Gozo

Why you should own a property with a difference on the Maltese archipelago

Renting a farmhouse in Malta or Gozo is one of the most popular getaway options for locals and tourists alike – and it is not hard to see why. These luxuriously converted properties boast idyllic settings and a range of modern comforts ideal for a relaxed holiday with family or friends.

But what if you owned one of these unique homes of character?

While Maltese and Gozitan farmhouses are best known for their short- or long-let flexibility, many people are now opting to buy these beautiful and historic properties to enjoy their full benefits for longer.

Here are the top reasons you should consider buying a farmhouse in Malta or Gozo, with the help and expertise of RE/MAX Malta.

  • Own a luxury property

Think of a farmhouse in Malta or Gozo and the first image that springs to mind may be a rustic structure in the countryside. Yet, while these properties are often located on the farms of the past, today the modern farmhouse looks quite different.

Malta’s spacious, high-ceilinged farmhouses combine centuries of history with contemporary comforts. Many have been expertly converted to accommodate the lux lifestyle, with stylish furniture, fittings and appliances as well as extra features such as a private outdoor space or swimming pool.

  • Get back to nature in peace and privacy

Although Maltese and Gozitan farmhouses may have been originally built on farmland, they are still surrounded by countryside but are often located on the outskirts of a populated village or town.

That means that, while you have easy access to local amenities, you still can enjoy peace and quiet away from the hustle and bustle of daily life in the city centre. Most farmhouses also have outdoor space included in their footprint, so that you can enjoy the unobstructed countryside views from the comfort of your own tranquil and luxurious home.

  • Soak up the Mediterranean lifestyle

Malta boasts a culture and climate unlike anywhere else in the world – so why not enjoy it in one of the island’s finest properties?

Due to a warm climate that boasts an average of 300 days of sunshine a year, the summer lifestyle revolves around days spent soaking up the sun at one of the numerous sandy and rocky beaches, before dining al fresco or partying among the vibrant nightlife. A Maltese culture shaped around a host of colourful traditions, a friendly English-speaking community and delicious local cuisine completes this postcard-perfect destination.

  • Make a clever investment purchase

Buying a farmhouse in Malta or Gozo is an excellent investment opportunity.

Thanks to its location at the heart of the Mediterranean, Malta is in easy reach via direct flights from most of the rest of Europe, and beyond. With such a booming tourist industry as a result, there is a constant demand for luxury properties like farmhouses as short- and long-let holiday rentals.

Add to that a consistently strong, high-performing European real estate market – which RE/MAX Malta leads as the island’s favourite and most trusted agency – and buying a farmhouse in the Maltese archipelago could make a great long-term investment.

  • Own a second home with a difference

It has become a local tradition for Malta’s population to buy a second home near the sea or in the countryside, to make the most of the warm weather throughout the summer months.

While people will typically explore renting a farmhouse to make a summer holiday extra special, some are now buying one to enjoy as their versatile second home, to be readily available for everything from spontaneous weekend getaways to family birthdays celebrated with flair.

  • Escape to a holiday home in the sun

If you are a regular visitor to the Maltese islands, buying a property might be a more cost-effective option, seeing as you would be investing your money in real estate instead of losing it on hotel stays.

Take that concept even further by owning a farmhouse that not only offers you a familiar, comfortable place to stay whenever you visit Malta or Gozo, but is also in constant high demand as a luxury holiday rental, giving you opportunity to receive a regular return on your investment.

  • RE/MAX Malta makes buying a farmhouse simple

Customers name RE/MAX as the island’s leading real estate agency repeatedly across independent surveys. As part of a successful global brand, we have a huge local and international network, with hundreds of highly trained associates across Malta and Gozo.

Making use of the largest local properties database and the latest ground-breaking technologies, your dedicated RE/MAX agent can guide you through every step of buying a farmhouse in Malta or Gozo.

The RE/MAX takeaway

Buying a farmhouse in Malta and Gozo can be a great investment for both Maltese residents and visitors from abroad. With the expert help of RE/MAX Malta, the process can be simple, straightforward and stress-free. Get in touch today at