About High Ridge

Located on the northern of the Sliema and St Julian’s area, High Ridge is a lush housing district of high-status real estate. High Ridge is on the limits of Swieqi, and developed recently as a quieter alternative to the Sliema and St Julian’s area. 

Malta property for sale or rent in High Ridge became highly sought after due to its peaceful and nature-induced atmosphere, and is located on high grounds. As the name pertains, it affords great views of fields and the sea off Pembroke. 

Most of the property is luxury real estate, made up of detached and semi-detached villas and bungalows with ample land, and generally enjoying swimming pool areas and gardens.

Places of Interest in High Ridge

Between Gharghur, a town to the west of High Ridge, and Swieqi, there are some great natural spaces for recreational purposes. Be it for taking Sunday strolls, dog walking or jogging, this area is great for fresh air and quiet. Here are some places of interest which make in High Ridge a unique locality to purchase Malta property for sale or rent.  

Fort Madalena

Fort Madalena, better known as Fort Madliena, is a polygonal fort in Madliena, the limits of Swieqi, built between 1878 and 1880 by the British, making it part of the Victoria Lines.

Fort Madalena, found at the Victoria line’s eastern extremity, was the second of the forts to be built. It was developed on a 15th-century chapel devoted to Mary Magdalene, giving the defense its name. The government still owns fort Madalena, and it falls under the responsibility of the 4th Regiment of the Armed Forces of Malta. The fort is rented to the St John Rescue Corps, a volunteer civil defence organization, to be used as their headquarters and training school.

The fort is in excellent condition, although some parts require repair. It is open to the public on Saturday afternoons or throughout the week by appointment.

Victoria Lines

Formerly known as the Northwest Front and seldom unofficially identified as the Great Wall of Malta, the Victoria Lines are a line of walls that crosses 12 kilometres along Malta’s width, separating the north of the island from the more densely populated south.

The Victoria Lines run along a natural geographical wall known as the Great Fault. From Madliena, through the boundaries of Mosta in the core of the island. And to Binġemma and the limits of Rabat. The elaborate network of successive walls, best known as the Victoria Lines, was a unique military architecture monument.

Madliena Tower

The Madliena Tower, formerly known as Torre della Paulina, is a small lookout in Madliena, limiting Pembroke, Malta. Built in 1658, Madliena Tower is the fourth of the De Redin towers. The British made an artillery battery next to the building in 1908–1909, and the outlook and battery remained in usage until World War II.

Presently, the original tower and World War II emplacement are intact, but the Night Practice Battery’s minimal remains have endured. Over time there were some temporary alterations and structures built next to the tower. The second level’s original door was loaded in and no longer visible, while a limestone slab substituted the memorial plaque.

Pembroke Area

Pembroke is just across the road from the locality of High Ridge and has some great terrain to trek or mountain bike over, as well as tennis courts, football grounds, running tracks, BMX tracks, a Skatepark, and a swathe of marvellous shoreline around which to swim and dive.

Ultimately what makes this area unique is the strong presence of nature, which seems to permeate a tranquil atmosphere through High Ridge and its surroundings.

High Ridge Overview

What High Ridge offers almost exclusively more than anywhere else is privacy and quiet. This high-end district, full of villas and bungalows, is the perfect locality to live a healthy lifestyle, with great places to exercise in, country lanes for rambling, beautiful vistas, and scenic chapels to stroll by. 

Despite being detached in this quiet corner of Malta, High Ridge still enjoys close proximity to nearby amenities, entertainment hubs such as St. Julian’s and Sliema, as well, as the sea. It is very close to the Coast Road, giving fast access to beaches and towns like Bugibba and Mellieha and Malta’s sister island Gozo.

There are some great natural spaces for recreational purposes between Gharghur, a town to the west of High Ridge, and Swieqi. Be it for taking Sunday strolls, dog walking, or jogging, this area is excellent for fresh air and quiet.

High Ridge Property

Real Estate in High Ridge

High Ridge offers premium real estate for residential purposes and some plots are still available for development. 

The area is one of the most desirable in Malta, mostly due to the predominant stock of luxury detached villas and bungalows. 

Almost every home in this town comes with its swimming pool, barbeque area, terraces, and garden, complemented by panoramic views of the sea or land. 

Given that High Ridge occupies a hill overlooking Pembroke and beyond and all of Sliema and St. Julian’s and the Peninsula of Valletta, views from this area are almost guaranteed to be unobstructed. Apartments, Maisonettes, and penthouses are also to be found in the area.

Property in High Ridge

Most Malta properties for sale in High Ridge are finished and ready to move into, with unbuilt properties being sold on plan. There are several properties for rent in High Ridge for long term. From Flat–Lets usually located underneath a residence to apartments, maisonettes, and villas and bungalows with or without a pool.

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