Albino Xuereb

Albino Xuereb has been in Real Estate for around ten years and brings forward a wide range of knowledge and experience. Helping families that are upsizing/ downsizing or someone looking to make Malta their new home provides him with a great sense of accomplishment considering that this could be the client’s biggest investment in their lifetime.
Albino is committed to help his clients find the home of their dreams by guiding them to make informed decisions in a transparent and ethical manner.
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Albino was recommended to me by a friend when I was about to buy my second apartment. Me being a chaotic person and not knowing what I was looking for, I can not stress enough how professional and fantastic Albino was and how important it was to me to have him by my side. He found me my dream apartment, knowing exactly what I was looking for even though I didn't know it myself. He was always available, and he always walked the extra mile to make the me comfortable, from start to end. My appreciation is beyond any words, thank you.

Special thanks to Albino for his willingness and expertise, Albino handled both the purchase and a few years later the resale of our house in Sliema. Even in our absence, Albino has shown great problem solving capabilities by managing the problems that arose. Albino has also been at our disposal to facilitate the disturbance of bureaucratic practices which are not always easy to manage by pointing out the easiest and most direct way between the various professionals and entities to which we had to report.

It is our pleasure to recommend Albino as a highly professional and dedicated real estate agent, who works tirelessly to find the right property that will suit your needs. We have had the opportunity to work with Albino on two separate property searches. In both cases he was able to understand our wish list precisely and translate it into a range of suitable properties that we could view. Albino exceeded our expectations throughout the whole process of purchasing the right property, from negotiating the price to assisting with paperwork and other formalities. Thanks to Albino's experience and knowledge of the real estate market in Malta, he could always provide us with valuable tips and ideas. We also appreciate the fact that Albino is friendly and approachable, always punctual and enthusiastic. He is very prompt to answer emails, messages and phone calls. All this helped to make house hunting a seamless process and we will definitely work with Albino in the future.

I got to know Albino Xuereb by accident, by dialling a number on a ‘For Sale’ sign. That was back in 2014. In the meantime, he has helped me to buy two properties. I would trust him blindly if I wanted to sell any of them or if I was looking for a new place. From the beginning, I experienced Albino as very professional (punctual, accurate and patient), knowledgeable and helpful. You feel that he is passionate about his work and, what is even more, he is a genuine, honest broker who miraculously knows how to reconcile realistically both the buyer’s and the seller’s interests. Over the years my first impression of Albino and how he works was confirmed. I recommend him wholeheartedly to anyone who is thinking of buying or selling a property.

Thank you very much for Albino, he is a big asset to the company.

They were considerate, warm, thoughtful, professional, trustworthy and made me feel like the best experience I have ever had. This gives me peace of mind when it comes to investing in significant assets.