Alana Camilleri

Branch Location:
RE/MAX South - Marsascala

  • English
  • Maltese
On our little island, we are spoilt for choice from choosing an agency to sell or buy our property. Recent events brought me to this kind of service. However, after a little experience, one realizes that an agent is not simply someone who introduces buyers to vendors. It takes more than just skills, experience or at least the basic academic qualifications. Ms. Alana Camilleri walks you through the whole process with ease. She is professional. Keeps you updated and stays in touch. Though it is every agent's job, after all. Not all agents have the same approach. RE/MAX provided me with good and ethical agents. I would recommend them any day.

Ms. Alana Camilleri has done an excellent job for us. She came with the right possible buyers. Her patience and clear explanation about all our many questions were satisfactory and a pleasure. Thank you very much!