Buying Property in Malta

Everything you need to know about investing in a Malta home

Malta has much to offer potential homeowners. Throughout the island’s long history, it has been a favourite Mediterranean destination for holidaymakers who are drawn to its warm weather and distinctive culture. While the tourist appetite for short-let holiday rentals continues to grow, the local population is still a property-loving nation, with a large percentage owning at least one home and many investing in a second. The high demand has led to a wide range of different properties being available to suit whatever budget, style or requirements.

With such extensive choice, combined with an attractive lifestyle and landscape, buying a place on the island could be a great investment.

Here is all you need to consider when buying a property in Malta. Your highly experienced RE/MAX agent will be able to guide you through every step of the process according to your specific circumstances, so your journey to becoming a local homeowner can be simple, straightforward and stress-free.

A vibrant Mediterranean location

As the EU’s smallest and most southern member state, Malta’s location at the heart of the Mediterranean makes it easily accessible via direct flights from airports across Europe and beyond.

Over the centuries, various nations have colonised the island and collectively influenced a Maltese culture and sense of community unlike any other in the world. Unique traditions form the cornerstone of the lifestyle still enjoyed today by residents, with colourful summertime festas and mouth-watering cuisine.

Malta’s average of 300 days of sunshine a year also inspires days spent soaking up the sun on the island’s many sandy and rocky beaches or taking part in outdoor activities such as scuba diving or hiking, before dining al fresco and partying among the abundant nightlife.

For the ultimate destination in which to invest in a place of residence of any size or location, Malta is hard to beat.

A booming property market

Malta’s buoyant real estate market is not just due to the local population’s love of owning multiple homes. Foreign investors also buy real estate on the island to make the most of Malta’s warm Mediterranean climate, European accessibility and international business connections, among many other attractive prospects.

Since the economy of the island also stays consistently strong compared to the rest of Europe, buying a property in Malta can be a secure long-term investment, with great opportunities for return.

An extensive choice of properties

Many independent real estate consumer surveys repeatedly recognise RE/MAX Malta as having the largest properties database in Malta. The wide range of properties covers a variety of different sizes and locations, making it easier to find the ideal place to fit your vision. Here are some of the most popular local property types.

  • Apartments

The demand for apartments in Malta remains high. These convenient and affordable properties are ideal as holiday rentals or as second homes, due to their wide availability in locations across Malta from seafronts to city centres. Since apartments may be found locally in most sizes and finishes, they are also a great choice for both working professionals looking for a studio penthouse and families who need a larger abode with multiple bedrooms.

  • Maisonettes

Maisonettes are much like apartments in that they are just as widely available and offer the same comfort and convenience. The primary difference between these two property types is that maisonettes, while they are also usually set in complexes, have an independent front door and may include extra outdoor space.

  • Townhouses

Traditional townhouses in Malta typically have wooden balconies and original features, possibly with a small garden or courtyard. These houses evoke Malta’s rich past, while offering easy access to the amenities of their town locations.

  • Houses of character

Some houses of character in Malta may be up to 500 years old. These historic homes can be other property types such as townhouses or villas, but their past may be still visible in quirky features such as intricate stone architecture. While renovations tend to incorporate this original charm into their design, most houses of character have been restored ready for contemporary living.

  • Farmhouses

Maltese farmhouses are some of the most sought-after properties on the island. These spacious, centuries-old homes are scenically situated in the countryside they once tended, yet they are typically converted to a very high standard. While finished with a range of modern appliances, luxury farmhouses may also offer an on-site private pool or outdoor space.

  • Villas

Villas are niche properties served by a specialised RE/MAX Malta agent. These large, luxurious houses are set in their own grounds, with authentic Maltese architecture and sometimes centuries of heritage. Villas may be fully or semi-detached, with landscaped gardens or patio space and private parking facilities, among a range of other high-end extras.

Properties ideal for all types of buyers

Whether you are considering the purchase of your first home in Malta, or your hundredth, there are properties available to suit your needs. With outstanding customer service standards, our real estate professionals can guide you through your journey to buying property in Malta, according to your individual circumstances.

  • First time buyers

For many, buying a home for the first time could well be the greatest investment of a lifetime. Your RE/MAX Malta agent will walk you through the process to owning your first place, taking the stress out of becoming a fledgling homeowner. Regularly launched government incentive schemes aimed at first time buyers also make joining Malta’s real estate market more affordable.

  • Second time buyers

There are many reasons why you might be considering buying a property for a second time in Malta. You may be ready to upgrade or downsize your house to move with your family’s changing needs. You could be considering buying a second home as a rental investment or to be nearer to the beach over the summer months. Whatever your reason for becoming a second time buyer, RE/MAX Malta can help you find your next home.

  • Property investors

Malta’s strong economy and thriving real estate market have made it an attractive prospect for both local and foreign investors. There is near-constant demand for rental accommodation from locals, students, relocating professionals and expats who have chosen Malta as their retirement destination. RE/MAX Malta agents have the training, experience and technologies to help you find your ideal rental investment property.

  • Foreign buyers

Most citizens of an EU Member State can buy their first property in Malta without restriction. In the few cases where permits are required, these are normally easily issued to legitimate purchasers.

Foreign buyers who hope to own multiple properties in Malta or wish to offer them as rental homes should consider purchasing within the island’s Special Designated Areas (SDAs). These luxury developments are exempt from local restrictions regarding foreign property ownership, so that foreign nationals may buy properties in these exclusive areas without an AIP permit application – and offer them to let if they wish. While Malta’s SDAs are all set in highly desirable locations, properties in these developments are typically finished to a very high standard and offer residents private access to a range of luxury on-site facilities such as a swimming pool, gym or spa.

A simple purchase procedure

Buying a property in Malta is easy with RE/MAX Malta.

The procedure begins with confirming your budget, which should cover not just the house price and deposit but other expenses such as architect fees, renovation costs and stamp duty. With your budget, preferred location and wish list in mind, your RE/MAX agent will then help you navigate your property search. When you have selected your potential new home from the shortlist, you will also have our expert guidance as you make an offer, negotiate a purchase price, sign the ‘Promise of Sale’ agreement (known in Malta as a ‘Konvenju’) and complete the final deed. Our outstanding service even extends to helping you in other aspects of buying a home, from furniture removals and cleaning services to recommendations for reliable local contacts regarding schools, contractors or internet providers.

A global real estate brand

Using our market-leading database, the latest real estate technology and our vast network of industry contacts across our global franchise, RE/MAX Malta is fully equipped to help you become a homeowner in Malta.

Our sales associates enjoy access to comprehensive real estate training opportunities throughout their careers, via exclusive classroom and online training programmes, coaching and mentorship from renowned business leaders. We also encourage our agents to specialise according to areas or property types, while honing their expertise and staying updated with current market trends, so that they can continue to provide RE/MAX Malta customers – both buyers and vendors – with the finest service experience in the industry.

RE/MAX Malta can help you at every stage of buying property, with an all-inclusive real estate service that takes the hassle out of homeownership. Speak to a member of the RE/MAX team today to start your journey to owning a place on the Maltese islands.