Agriculture Land For Sale in Marsascala

Marsascala, Malta | REF-ID: 240061133-3


3376 sqm

Marsascala - Approximately 3400sqm of agricultural land ideally located by the road thus offering very easy. It is divided in two rectangular chunks which could be utilised according to ones' needs; surrounded by rubble walls and has very beautiful and fertile soil. The prospective new owner will enjoy the right of access to a close by borehole and may eventually use the land either for agricultural purposes or as a recreational area with picturesque country and sea views, driving you away from todays hectic life.

Outside Spaces

58.0m x 58.0m
3,364.0 sqm



Quiet in winter, busy in summer, Marsascala is your typical seaside town that has become the haunt of many people who adore the sea and its proximity over the past several decades.

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